Prayers that Ignite Change

Prayers that Ignite Change

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Shawntel Jefferson



Each individual goes through a series of life changes and encounter special circumstances which restricts them from going forward in their pursuits. These circumstances are often what throws us into cycles of stress, despair, depression, and disbelief that life could ever get better or that real change will happen. As a believer in Jesus Christ you can change! You can become stronger and more prepared for what God has waiting for you. Prayer is the resource by which you can work in partnership with God. Effective change and transformation into the beautiful image of Christ can happen for you. Using these unique prayers you can shift circumstances in your favor and experience a deeper relationship with God. A better life is just a prayer away.

I purchased this book and i love it!! The prayers has brought about a positive change in me. It seems to say the things i wanted to say in prayer and didn't know how. I recomend this book to anyone who believes and love GOD and want to bring a positive change in their life.--RUTH S.LEWIS