The Desperate Dad's Guide to Getting Some

Humor, Family & Relationships

By Jackie Papandrew

Publisher : Pookie Publishing

ABOUT Jackie Papandrew

Jackie Papandrew
My humor writing has been featured in several books, including the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, as well as in newspapers such as The Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Tampa Tribune and The Oklahoman.  

I've won a Neal Award from American Business Media, as well as awards  More...



At first glance, you may think The Desperate Dad's Guide to Getting Some will be mostly about sex. It isn't. It's about all of the crazy things that happen between a husband and wife. Whether you love a man, live with a man or actually are a man, you'll recognize someone you know in these hilariously true stories from award-winning writer and syndicated humor columnist Jackie Papandrew. 

Starting with the title story―where Jackie offers timely tips for every man who still doesn’t understand the connection between choreplay and foreplay―to the final tummy-tickling tale about a love story made possible by a couple of wandering pigs, this book should come with a free package of Depends. You might just wet your pants reading it. Other stories include:

High-Maintenance Woman
Did I Shave My Legs For This?
A Man’s Job
Soapy Situation
Pin Something On This Donkey

and many more…

For any woman who feels alone with her ‘Did he just do that?’ thoughts or any man who wants to understand the fairer sex a little better, this quick read is just the ticket. And for anyone who loves to laugh, it’s a real treat.
The Desperate Dad's Guide To Getting Some
Jackie Papandrew

I knew as soon as I began this read that I was going to love it. You see, I like authors that are not afraid to show life how it is, write about it, giggle about it and just plain live it. On the pages of this outstanding read that is what I found.

Author, Jackie Papandrew, takes everyday living, situations, and circumstances, and brings them to light that we, the reader, may pause and remember our own times with these situations, and than giggle away. How you ask me? Take the story of "It's Over." Okay, if you are married, or even if you know a man and yes, sometimes a woman, you know at a certain age those nose hairs are growing out. There is just no stopping them. Our author shares her husband's horror over his growing nose hairs, and time moving on. I laughed myself silly as I did in everyone of her stories, as she turns the upside downs in life into a mile of smiles.

Listen, life is not easy, every day we have choices concerning what is coming our way. We can laugh or we can cry. This work will help you to look on the lighter side and know you are not alone. Don't miss out on a read that will fill your heart with joy. whether it be growing older or just life in general, Jackie Papandrew has it covered. I recommend this book, a nibble a day will definitely keep the blues away. Very well done! Thank you Ms. Papandrew for bringing some sunshine into my life.

Shirley Johnson
Senior Reviewer