No Greater Love


By Emjae Edwards

Publisher : Inknbeans Press

ABOUT Emjae Edwards

Emjae edwards
Emjae considers herself a professional romantic, but don't call her work romantic fiction.  Like everyone else around Inknbeans, she prefers the term contemporary relationship fiction.  She started writing fiction for her grandmother more than twenty years ago, and only recently decided  More...


Fiona has loved Tremaine since she first understood what made a girl's heart do a little dance inside.  He's handsome, successful, charming, moody, needy and completely clueless.  He loves Paullette, who is not above stepping on his heart to get where she feels she belongs.  Fiona has the power to end the romance and achieve everything she's every dreamed about but sacrifices her chance of happiness for the hope of his.  Dane has the power to take Fiona's life from bleak to bright even though his heart lies eleswhere and he sacrifices his happiness for the hope of hers.  How much sacrifice is too much?  When is love no longer enough?