Managing to Stay Out of Court: How to Avoid the 8 Deadly Sins of Mismanagement

ABOUT Jathan Janove

Jathan Janove
Since the early 1980’s, Jathan Janove has been helping employers maintain workforce performance expectations without paying a price in employment litigation or union trouble. This challenge has become a lot more difficult for employers who must cope with global economic change in a legal More...


The number of employment discrimination cases in the federal courts has increased by more than 2,000 percent in the past twenty years. This practical guide helps you avoid becoming part of this trend by teaching the specific management skills that will enable you to identify and resolve workplace problems before they escalate into lawsuits.

Detailing eight simple management principles--based on eight corresponding  sets of workplace "sins" and "virtues"--Jathan Janove shows how employers can simultaneously improve employee relations, provided workplace leadership, and stay out of court.

Real-life examples and a complete set of tools and exercises will help you identify your own most prvalent management sins, adjust your management style, implement organization-wide changes, and make the all-too-often adversarial manager-employee relationship fulfilling for both parties.
"A clear-thinking, results-driven management tool.... From its keen insights, solid management tips, and recommendations, to its unique, astute, and entertaining perspective ... this book is a must-read for today's management teams."  --Robert M. Lee, Executive Director, The Institute for Applied Management and Law

"Packed with practical information that will help your organization avoid litigation."  --Jonathan Segal, Wolf, Block, LLP, columnist, HR Magazine "Legal Trends"

"An excellent guide for all levels of management. I highly recommend it to anyone who desires to improve individual and group skills in working with people--and avoid litigation. Janove's insights are sharp and on-target."  --Jerry L. Garren, Vice President and Plant and General Manager, La-Z-Boy, Inc.

"Following the tenets laid out in [this book] will reduce your company's exposure to employment litigation--while improving the productivity of your workforce."  --John Parauda, Managing Counsel, American Express Company