Voice from the Wilderness


By Clifton Cameron

Publisher : Authorhouse

ABOUT Clifton Cameron

Clifton Cameron
My name is Clifton Cameron and i am a writer and poet. My favourite hobbies are writing poems, short stories and I am also working on two books a novel and a book of short stories. Writing helps to challenge my energy in a positive way. The things that I like most is to use my poetry as  More...



Inspirational Poetry


This book is about personal experience and things that i saw on a daily basis. My poetry is real, truthful and to the point.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Introducing A New British Voice

Clifton Cameron

Clifton Cameron is a new voice emerging from Oldbury in the West Midlands whose poetry captures all things British from a perspective of change and justice. Voice From The Wilderness is Clifton's first anthology. Clifton's voice is one which observes, motivates, educates and inspires as he captures a myriad array of situations in the lyrical snapshots of modern life in the UK within his book of 138 poems.

Clifton Cameron is a voice from the wilderness. He told Gazette editor Pete Millington:

"My poetry deals with most things that are affecting the society today and it will help to champion women cause. This book high lighted the uniqueness about the UK, its people and much inspirational stuff that one can reflect on, on a daily basis. My aim is to act as a voice for change, justice, peace, love, joy and happiness to the ordinary people".

Here are a few poems from Voice From The Wildnerness reproduced with the kind permission of the author:


Black and white should all unite
Because we are all precious in God sight
We must all live together like sisters and brothers
To love thy neighbour and show love to one another
I am colour blind lets get together and have a good time
Think positive let us all be constructive
Away with the negative

It was on the 7th July two thousand and five
Lots of Londoners lost their lives
There were pandemoniums all over
While lots of people running for cover
It was a real shock
With the London terrorist attack

The British people have a good sense of humor
They like to strive on gossip and rumors
I like the British way of life
It can be stressful at times but they donʼt dwell on strife
Britain is a country of multi-culture
People from all countries came to the UK for a better future

Stop being a cheater
Stop being a wife beater
Treat the women right
Donʼt argue and fight
Treat her like a lady
So that she can carry your baby
Show her that you care
By always being there

Donʼt blame the soldiers
It has to do with the pen pushers
The soldiers took orders and obey
Politicians are liars so donʼt listen to what they have to say
Soldiers are sent to fight their war
After the tour of duty they donʼt care about their scars

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