A Dog in the Manger Book 1

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Stanley Anderson

Publisher : Lulu Enterprises

ABOUT Stanley Anderson

Stanley Anderson
I plunge eagerly head first into life not understanding fully the reactions of others. Yet after an experience only then do I get it, but by that time I'm too late. However, I continue this pattern only to discover another possibility. In my life I have created many " automatics" More...



A Dog in the Manger is someone who has something but can't enjoy it. However, someone else can, but out of jealousy, they won't allow that person to enjoy it. This comes from the Aesop tale: The Dog in the Manger. The theme of the fable is: People often begrudge others what they can't enjoy themselves.

For one who wants a way out, Pete is exposed to a chance he thinks is like nothing anyone has ever experienced, but as he fights to discover what this chance is, he is turned away by the very one who attracted him to it in the first place. However, there are others who seek to offer him this chance, but why does the only one he seeks so adamant that he not be lured by the powers and opportunities that seem like the way out he is looking for?