Zaftan Miscreants

Humor, Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Hank Quense

Publisher : Strange Worlds Publishing

ABOUT Hank Quense

hank quense
Award-winning author Hank Quense lives in Bergenfield, NJ with his wife Pat.  They have two daughters and five grandchildren.  He writes humorous fantasy and scifi stories.  On occasion, he also writes an article on fiction writing or book marketing but says that writing nonfiction is l More...



An android with a human-like organic brain?  A zaftan officer with talent and ability?  What’s going on here? 

This novel features an android and a computer falling in love, another character struggling to prove ability has a place in the military, piracy on a galactic scale, a robotic zealot, humor and satire.  What more could a reader ask for?

The two main characters, different from everyone around them, struggle to survive because their uniqueness causes their environments to become decidedly hostile.


For a long time, I had this great character I wanted to get into a story. Her name is Sam and she is an advanced model android designed to look like a beautiful woman. I tried several times but could never get a story going. When I started collecting ideas for this novel, I realized I had the perfect story for Sam to star in. And she is the star.

Just because we've mastered space flight, doesn't mean we're particularly bright. "Zaftan Miscreants" is the second entry into the Zaftan trilogy as he continues his lampoon of science fiction, politics, and business with his unique assortment of characters and their desire to thrive and survive when everything seems out to kill them. "Zaftan Miscreants" is a choice assortment, of wit, wisdom, and humor, not to be overlooked.
Midwest Book Reviews: 5 stars


Loved the snarky absurdity of this book. I am going to go back and read the rest of what he has written. Goodread review


Fun book with a great sense of humor: by Wulfstan "wulfstan"

Reminded me a lot of the Hitchhikers trilogy, in that we have a similar whacky `evil' alien race. The humor is also a little like Adam's, rather satirical in a over-the top fashion. We also have a interesting female android on the opposing side, with conflicting emotions and a struggle with the ship computer. Fun and silly, with a serious satirical edge underneath the silliness. Four Stars


The story line itself was not just one cut and dried road, it had a lot of little twists and side-stories and I don't want to give away too much but a lot of the goings-ons could really be paralleled to things happening here and now. Life, love, government, deception, lies, hope, despair, it's all in there wrapped up with some of the best satirical humor I've ever read. Just like a good spaghetti sauce IT'S IN THERE.  Once you pick up this book and take a taste, you don't wanna put it down til your overly full and sated.
I would recommend this first to anyone with a sense of humor! Secondly to all fans of sci-fi who are looking for something just a little different.
Angela Hupp: Goodreads 5 stars


 really enjoyed this romp through space with Sam, Slash 9, Klatze, and Gongeblazn.
The story is well-paced and broken up in such a way to make it a very quick and easy read.
I did not read book one in the series, but didn't feel as though I was missing anything. The world, the characters and the story are well-developed and intriguing.
I look forward to reading more of Hank Quense's novels about the Zaftans and Gunderlanders.