Heart of Glass


L.A. Dale
I live in Western Australia. I write Chick Lit and Women's Fiction stories centred around love.Love the stories of Marian Keyes? Sophie Kinsella? Fiona Walker? Jill Mansell? Then you've come to the right place.



"I didn't know if I wanted to stab him to death with my stiletto or take him outside for a quickie."

The year is 1987. U2 is the most popular band in the world and Bella Stone - career girl and self confessed flirt - has just come face to face with the long lost love of her life. Bella's been through a lot in her 24 years and managed to survive it all. Now she's in a real dilemma. And his name is Ben. 

Back in 1979, 15 year old Bella -uncool girl in the cool crowd - found herself thrust into the limelight when she became the girlfriend of footballer, Ben James. 'Universally ignored by boys until now', Bella had no coping mechanisms to deal with events that followed. Luckily, she possessed an inner strength and a sense of humour she never knew she had. 

Now, Ben is back and by some nasty trick of fate, is sharing a flat with her best friend, Justin. The chemistry between them is a strong as ever. But Bella has grown up and moved on. Is it too late? 
Great Amazon Reviews for Heart of Glass...

Wow - ok I have to say - from the first few pages I was HOOKED - stayed up half the night reading this book & finished it at work the next day - thank goodness for kindle for iphone app haha! 
I LOVED how the story took you back to the start of the love story & kept it going right up until present - day, rather than jumping back & forth - the middle did get a bit muddled, I have to say, the "heroine" started getting on my nerves a bit during the college years but I still rate this 5 stars since I couldn't put it down. There are a few shake-ups near the end but I love love loved it! Definitely recommend!

Great story! I couldn't put it down and stayed up all night reading it, because I wanted to find out what happens with Ben and Bella. It's the second chance story where you meet again the love of your life. Most of the book flashbacks to how they met and the ups and downs of their relationships and where it went wrong, as well as how Bella handles it. Definitely worth the dollar I spent on it.

This story goes through the life and love of Annabelle. Through meeting her true love in highschool with a real life reaction to all the complications that arise. I purchased the book because it was set back in the years I was growing up, so it really hit home. The characters were extremely well developed, to the point that I felt as if I knew each one. It is very true to life, and in parts very heart wrenching. You watch the character grow up, take responsibility for her life and accept herself for who she is. It was a gripping tale that I could not put down for long, although I tried for a few moments here and there when the story became all too real. At times I wanted to reach out and hold the characters hand, or sit and cry with her. Bella's strength with the support of friends and family pulled her through even in the most devastating parts of her life. A truly GREAT read, and a wonderful book.