ABOUT Brittan Knight

Brittan Knight
Hi, my name is Brittan Knight and I am a co-author of the Broken Chain series. I was born in 1977 in a small town called Dalton, Ga. I have been a fan of Science Fiction since the first time I saw Star Wars way back in the early '80's.

I am an avid reader, I just finished the l More...



Kate Wayfair, Captain of the Lincoln, is docked on planet DG112 when she gets some unexpected work. The leader of a small resistance movement, the Libertolians, has been captured by the Union for Colonial Expansion during a supply raid. It's up to Kate and her crew to rescue the Libertolian Leader before he is tried and executed as a traitor, as long as the price is right. Follow the crew as they risk their lives infiltrating the compound and extracting the package, Jamey Kohlier, just to find out they had been betrayed by the very people who hired them.