It's All Hood...An Anthology

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

By Winter Giovanni

Publisher : Infinity Publications

ABOUT Winter Giovanni

Winter Giovanni
This anthology book consists of best selling author Winter Giovanni, Alterick Gaston, and Major Jackson.



This is an anthology with Alterick Gaston, Winter Giovanni, and Major Jackson. All three authors have been on both sides of the fence and knows the rule of the streets. These three short stories, "Loyalty and Betrayal" by Alterick Gaston, "Bullet Proof" by Winter Giovanni, and "My Son" by David Cook.  
All three mottoes are : 
To play fair is to play dirty. To keep it dirty, you gotta keep it grimey! Each of these short stories will have you feeling as if you are living inside the book with the way each of the authors draw you into the street life inside the book. You will not put down this hypnotic creation!

Infinity Publications is definitely making their presence felt three the hard way in the literary Game in “It’s All Hood!”

-JM Benjamin, Essence Best Selling Author of “Ride or Die Chick I&II and Heaven &Earth”