Romance, General Fiction, Gay & Lesbian

By Allison Grace

Publisher : Illuminnessence Publishing

ABOUT Allison Grace

Allison Grace
Meet Allison Edwards formerly known as Essence M & now known as "Allison Grace". The beautiful brain behind Illuminnessence Publishing, founded in 2007 by this avid writer/ reader who began her love affair with words at a tender age. Allison went on to create an extensive cat More...



Brianna Thomas loves hard but love doesnt seem to love her. Her affinity for money fuels her desire to survive the mean streets of New York and the projects that have held her mind and body hostage for many years. One night, she realizes that things wont change for her unless she makes it happen for herself. With a devious plan of action and a few accomplices, she sets out to make life worth living by any means necessary. Enemies appear everywhere she looks yet she still seeks to live the life she was meant to in her opinion.

When one of her rivals blackmails her for a death that she's responsible for, she has to decide how to prove her innocence and continue to thrive off of the very thing that could be hindering her growth. How can she play both sides at the same time??!!! The end will have you craving more..... Follow this trip that will have you speechless!