Heirs to the kingdom part one : The Bowman of Loxley

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Robin John Morgan

Publisher : Violet Circle Publishing

ABOUT Robin John Morgan

Robin John Morgan
Heirs to the Kingdom is a series of ongoing books, that I really never intended to publish. I have always written short stories, that have been read mainly by friends. I enjoy writing, but never considered myself a serious writer, for me it was just a way of allowing the creative feelings  More...


It is New Years Day 2038 and Loxley is surrounded by snow. Robbie is sat alone in the greenhouse of his parents farm thinking of Rune, the girl with the long red hair and bright blue eyes. He has watched her for years longing to be with her, but his nervousness around her prevents it.

Robbie is not aware of the phrophecy written one thousands years ago. He has no idea of the destiny that is about to change his life forever, life in Loxley is far more involved with the issolated world than he realises.

The country was struck by a deadly virus in 2012, and now the world is very different from that of modern man. In a leaderless country one man has prepared in secret, and now the rumour of the Cutters are everywhere. Mason Knox seeks to take over and place himself on the throne as the new leader of everyone. Only the Bowman can stop him, and as the feelings of unrest rise within Robbie, the phophecy begins to work its magic and he will set out with his friends and Rune in an attempt to stop Mason.

On the journey south more is revealed and as Robbie leads he finds their is more to Rune and her family than he first thought. This is a story of adventure with magic, it is humourus in part and has many warm moments. It will captivate you and when you finally put the book down, it will have thinking about it for a long time afterwards.

This is the first book in a series that has been in the writing for over a decade, already a growing hit on facebook it will become a tale long remembered by many.

This is the first book to launch the series of Heirs to the Kingdom. It is my first published work, and to be honest I had never thought of publishing, until I was advised that it was worth doing. I wrote this story mainly for my daughter over 15 years ago, to continue on the legacy of the folkelore tales that I had read to her, at the end of the stories I had read which included Robin Hood, King Arthur, Ivanhoe and a few Celtic tales, she asked me what happened next? At this point I suppose most parents would have closed the book saying "Nothing, that just how the story is," but I began to tell her a story which wove the essential elements of each of the stories, and moved it all forward in time and into the future, as the ancestral heirs of old lines began to surface. My lead characters were just children at that time and she adored the tales I told, looking back I think it was a good thing I made a lot of notes to keep the story consistent with her. I have always written stories and tales, I just wrote them for the joy of the creation, and the process of writing, its something that in the spare moments of my busy life has relaxed and calmed me from the hard day of heavy work. HTTK has always been a special story, I have many stories written that I have not looked at in years, yet this one has always stayed in my thoughts, and I have spent many days whilst working putting more of the peices of the tale together. In 2007 armed with a huge pile of notes, I had some free time and wrote the full story down, I think its has now become an obbsession as the story locked inside me wanted to come out. It has changed a great deal since those early days and the characters now take the form of young late adult teenagers, in what has become a realistic feeling realm of the Woodland People. I allowed several friends to read the first rough draft of the Bowman, and soon found myself swamped with requests for printed copies to read, and for over six months the rapidly wearing copies passed around and I was inundated with requests for the rest of the tale, It was not longer after I searched for a publisher, only to find I recieved great revues of the book, but was told that Adventure fantasy novels did not sell well, and the publishers did not wish to invest time and money in my work. With more requests for the books I eventually after two years got the book self published, it has sold a modest amount and continues to sell. If you enjoy the small sample contained on this site, or if you have read it, please visit the web site, or the facebook page where you can add a revue. Either way I thank you for taking the time to read this, and if you like what I have written, I thankyou for the compliment of taking the time to read it.