The Life and Times of Young Sonny Tompkins Part II

General Fiction

By Michael Benson

Publisher : Shanty Town Books

ABOUT Michael Benson

Michael Benson
Michael E. Benson was born in a small coal mining town in Kansas.  He moved to the deserts of Utah when he was twelve and there he learned to hunt and to survive in the wilderness. It was there he also learned of his affinity with horses. Later, his parents moved to Kansas City. After hig More...



In 1943, at the age of eighteen, Sonny Tompkins enlisted in the United States Army. He soon discovered that he had a remarkable special ability which the Army was eager to exploit.  A whirlwind of events found him a Captain in the O.S.S. by age 20, the protégé of General Robert Phillips and killing Nazis behind the lines in occupied Belgium and France. Follow his life and loves in this historical novel set in the Great Depression and World War II..