I Apologize

General Fiction, Romance, Family & Relationships

By Bradley Booth

Publisher : Affluent Publishing

I Apologize

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Bradley Booth
Men who previously lacked a definite sense of purpose can often look back on a single experience that altered the course of their lives. For some, it is the love of a woman. For others, it is the death of one. In the case of Bradley Booth, the combination of both had such a profound effe More...



What if the person you love is suddenly, tragically, taken from you?
And, after years of living with that memory, the events that led to their death start all over again—with someone new.
Would you have the courage to embrace love, knowing that your world might be torn apart . . . and once again you were powerless to stop it?

Maggie's words of wisdom . . . "We do not always look for love, Yet love finds us, We believe it is our right to choose, Never realizing that we were chosen." Excerpt from "I Apologize". The tragic loss of my fiancée to leukemia inspired me to write “I Apologize”. "I now realize that love is the great elixir, and one should never let a day go by without telling that special someone that they love them."

5.0 out of 5 starsA psychological novel that will please many a reader with its modern relevance, September 7, 2009
Regret can cause untold torment. "I Apologize" is the story of Tony Richardson and his regret over the loss of his fiancee, which tears himself apart with guilt. Blaming his own fear and indecisiveness for his loss, he's faced with new problems which threaten to rob him of his second chance at happiness. "I Apologize" is a psychological novel that will please many a reader with its modern relevance.