Holding On

General Fiction

By Lisa Mills

Publisher : Faith Press

ABOUT Lisa Mills

Lisa Mills
Lisa Mills spent ten years working as a freelance writer, penning devotions, book reviews, a biography, and much more. Her articles have appeared in magazines such as “Today’s Christian Woman” and “Brio.” She’s also contributed short stories to several anthologies aimed at  More...



When single mother, Danielle Jordan, discovers her seven-year-old son, Trevor, has leukemia, she is thrust into a desperate mission to save his life. Despite the best medical efforts, chemotherapy fails and the doctors inform her that a marrow transplant is his only hope.

But the search for a donor presents a new set of challenges. Because finding a match among blood relatives is his best chance, Danielle must return to her hometown to confront painful childhood secrets and people who have left deep scars on her heart.

Can she face her hurts and fears to save the son she loves so dearly?

This novel covers a subject that has been close to my heart for many years. When my own son began experiencing developmental delays and health problems, I learned firsthand what families of special-needs children go through. Parents who are struggling to ensure that their ailing children get the care they need often experience severe strain on their time, their finances, and their emotions. Those who have not walked that path would find it difficult to imagine the stress involved. When we went to Riley Hospital for Children for my son’s heart surgery, he spent several days in the ICU alongside children undergoing various treatments. From talking to their parents, I discovered that some of them were in the final stages of leukemia or other forms of cancer, being made as comfortable as possible until the end came. To see the heartbreak in those parents’ eyes, knowing they might have only days left with their children, and yet to witness their courage as day after day, they dried their tears and went to sit at their children’s bedsides to love and comfort them with smiles and soft words was an experience I will never forget. Their strength in the midst of adversity amazed me. My own son recovered from his surgeries and grew into a strong and healthy young man. Many children are not so fortunate. I wanted to do something to aid those children who continue to suffer, and the families who valiantly support them. So a portion of the proceeds from this book are being donated to several children’s hospitals to aid families who cannot afford the costly treatments without help from generous people like you and me. In buying a copy for yourself or a friend, you too are making a difference in the life of a sick child. If Trevor and Danielle’s story has inspired you and you wish to do more, I hope you will make a donation to a children’s hospital or the Children’s Cancer Research Fund. God bless and be well!

"If I read a book, it has to catch me right in the beginning or I won't finish reading it. This book "caught" me within the first page. Wow!" Jen Moore, Indiana


"In HOLDING ON, Lisa weaves her magic flawlessly, drawing the reader in with deeply wounded, realistically lovable characters that make you root for their victory and hold on tight until the tearful, mega-satisfying end. This is one of the most beautiful stories of redemption I've had the honor of reading. Keep a box of tissues nearby. Trust me, you'll need it." ~Award winning author Karen Wiesner