Windows on Our World, Part 1: Hope

General Fiction

By Les Bill Gates

Publisher : Binasa Books

ABOUT Les Bill Gates

Les Bill Gates
Leslie William Gates was born in Aylesbury, England in 1949. In 1972 he graduated from Keble College, Oxford University with an Honours degree in Mathematics. The following year he completed a Post-graduate Certificate in Education at Exeter University.

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THE LAND The first part of the trilogy ‘Hope’ tells of the arrival of Squire in Thorland and ‘The Quest for the Teeth of the Upper Jaw’.




THE PROPHECY After many centuries, Squire has returned to Thorland, summoned there by the good Wizard Tobin in order to fulfil an ancient prophecy.




THE PEOPLE As the quest begins, the other members of the company described in the prophecy join Squire. They also encounter many friends who assist them on the quest.




THE MAGIC Tobin gives Squire a shield to protect him in times of great danger, but warns that whenever he uses it he will also get a glimpse of his own world – an unpleasant experience.




THE QUEST Their quest takes the company to every part of West Thorland. Every time they locate one of the teeth, they also receive instructions for finding the next tooth. Throughout the quest, the wicked Wizard Gordeve tries to abduct Squire, destroy his friends, and thwart the quest.




‘Windows on Our World’ is a fantasy trilogy inspired by JRR Tolkien and Stephen Donaldson. ‘Hope’ is the first part of the trilogy.




The ‘Quest for the Teeth of the Lower Jaw’ continues in the second book of the trilogy, called ‘Faith’.

Similar to the epics Mahabharata and Ramayana, the classics of Indian literature, Windows on Our World is a fantasy trilogy in the tradition of fantasy novels of recent era created by Les Bill Gates, the pen name of Leslie William Gates. Hope is the first part and the remaining parts, Faith and Love will eventually appear, so says the author. The story is told in twenty chapters. Squire, the legendary saviour and the expected one, arrives in Thorland. He helps the good wizard Tobin to find out the missing teeth of a golden skull that has magical powers to bring in peace and prosperity for the people of the land. Gordeve, the wicked wizard, sister of Tobin and the antagonist is also after the teeth.  The fat and flesh of the book are the numerous adventures of Squire and his friends well equipped with suitable weapons of the time just as the characters of the American serial film 'A Team.’ After having encountered with evil forces the team redeems the teeth of upper jaw. The bone of the story is the eternal conflict between the good and the evil. The story ends happily and beautifully. But the readers may ask for: 'where are the teeth of lower jaw?' That is the magical effect of this volume and a pointer to author's craftsmanship. The book has all the elements of an interesting book such as an ideal theme, good story, beautiful sceneries, life-full characters, fantastic events, fighting and stunts, magical scenes, humorous dialogues, simple and common language studded with elegant phrases and idioms, route maps, happy ending etc. Careful and colourful crafting of those components makes the book wholesome and worthy of reading.

While J.K.Rowling's Harry Potter series have unnatural and abnormal fantasies, Les Bill Gates has reined the imagination and has kept it within the boundaries of logic and reason. Les has made even an animal, mule the Faithful a lively character very unlike of JKR. The book is a pleasant reading for the readers - children, adults and the aged - having leisurely time at hand. While reading the saga of Squire and his company we are reminded of the films: 'Connan the Barbarian', 'Red Sonja', 'Ladies of Amazon', 'Death Stalker.' The book has the potential for being made unto film.  We did not feel quite happy with the main title and the sub title. Title given to a book must be crisp, catchy of onlooker's eyes and compassing to the content of the book. Squire as a hero needed little more virility and vitality. The price of the book seemed little high - J.Kaval

Reviewer: Joseph Kaval - Editor and publisher of the international literary journal  Katha Kshetre.