The Chosen One: The Quests for The Black Rose

General Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Young Adult

By Essvari A.I

Publisher : InnerCircle Publishing

ABOUT Essvari A.I

Essvari A.I
I am first and foremost a Creativist and a humanitarian. I am one who strives for the betterment of the world and in the process, betters myself. 
Currently pursuing my Degree in Psychology, I also have my educational background built in Law, Logistics and Supply Chain Management a More...



When the balance of Dharma erodes, Destiny paves way for the arrival of The Chosen One who is prophesied to save the Seven Realms from the clutches of the Conqueror Tamas. Follow the incredible adventures of Adi Sinha, the simple suburban Mumbaiite who finds herself in this life-altering journey where she will discover the true meaning of friendship, trust, love, faith, honour, acceptance and ultimately what Destiny has in store for her.