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Penelope Herbert
Hi avid readers,

I have been working in film, media, marketing, communications, and public relations for about 20 years. My passion is small business marketing and making it cost-effective and high profile for anyone. That's why I wrote a DIY book to further help any business ow More...


'Underdog Marketing' is a DIY guide for business owners, managers and start-ups with step-by-step guides, killer tips, proven formulas, and fresh solutions for cost-effective marketing, brand management, public & media relations, and internet marketing on any budget. It is written in easy-to-understand language, features real-life case studies and is supported by an on-line business forum and access to a panel of experts. 'Underdog Marketing' provides awesome results for any budget, because it's not how much money you have, it's how you spend it.

Penny Power is the Founder and Director of Ecademy.com, one of the world's most successful on-line, social networking sites for business owners with over 200,000 global members. Ms Power says "Underdog Marketing is the must-have book for anyone planning to create their future around their own expertise. It will teach you, through real life experience, how to market yourself, how to plan and how to protect your business for the future. Building your Personal Brand is the most critical tasks of the 21st Century income-earner, now you have a book that will show you how."

Phil Shepherd, a London-based entrepreneur and business adviser said, "This book is important. It is a definitive work that should be read by everyone, whether in business already or just starting out and is one of the most comprehensive books of its kind I have found."

A must for anyone starting out in business or wanting to improve their marketing in an existing business, this book leads you ‘step by step’ through solutions to develop an ongoing marketing strategy that works for you. Get awesome results at a very low cost by following the easily understood steps in this book" says President of the Marketing Communications Executives International (Melbourne), Barbara Gabogrecan.