Brian's High

ABOUT Deanna Ammar

Deanna Ammar
Deanna R. Ammar, wife, mother and pursuer of Spiritual Truth…oh and did I mention tea-partier, writer and lover of family, friends, and nature? Deanna is a twenty-year student of the spiritual and metaphysical and a Reiki Master teacher. She applied these applications to life after l More...


Drugs, sex, and rock n’ roll, psychic vampires, and telepathic spies, fill the pages of Brian’s High, a young adult novel about tragedy and redemption.

Brian Barrington is fourteen when two deranged shooters enter his school and gun down his best friend, along with his favorite teacher and mentor. Brian is a gifted musician and songwriter.  Having already lost his father to an explosion in Baghdad, Brian’s mother finds comfort in a radical anti-war group, an action that alienates Brian and deepens his depression and negativity.  This propels him into the seedy world of drugs, rave parties, and unprotected sex, guided by the dark and duplicitous Jessica Waters. Jessica is a psychic vampire that takes Brian’s innocence and demands her hedonistic lifestyle.   Their relationship reaches a critical mass and Brian turns away from Jessica just in time.  He “coincidentally” meets the Ellison’s, a strange family with unique and quirky gifts.  This wealthy, Tea party family becomes the most influential force in Brian’s life, as he discovers his own psychic abilities to glimpse into the past, present and future.  They teach him the promise of hope. Through them he discovers a unique method for differentiating truth and deception at any given moment, by any given person, and at any given time.  His own political beliefs emerge based in a background of truth.

The young protagonist encounters current events confronting such issues as spirituality, politics, Middle East conflicts, anti-war demonstrations, and abortion.

The  choices and actions that Brian makes  drive the story.  This results in a character arc that is relevant to a teenager’s journey of discovery. The story is edgy, sometimes visceral, but offering hope and promise, even in the face of tragedy and adversity.

The first readers of Brian’s High champion the story’s originality as the first of its kind written specifically to stimulate an urge in the youth to contemplate, pursue, and engage in spiritual deliberation and current events, especially the political landscape.

A must read for every adult, young and old.