The Haunted House Symphony

ABOUT Sue Latham

Sue Latham
The Haunted House Symphony is part of a new series, Ghost Hunting with Margo. Margo Monroe and her friends are professional paranormal researchers. In the Haunted House Symphony, the ghost of an unhappy young lady leads them to a discovery that makes them instantly famous. Look for book 2  More...



The Haunted House Symphony is a ghost hunting mystery starring Margo Monroe, who recently left her boring office job to become a professional ghost hunter; her old pal Ernie, a slightly nerdy tech genius who works with her; Sandy, their phantasmophobic assistant; and some-time accomplice Elaine, with whom Ernie is secretly in love. They're working incognito out of a hidden lab at the local college, but their cover is blown when what looks at first to be a routine investigation turns into an adventure that catapults them into the spotlight. With the help of the ghost of an unfortunate young woman, they make some unexpected discoveries that turn out to be a lot more than last century's headline news. 

While investigating a haunting for a new client, Margo Monroe and her small team of ghost hunters accidentally uncovers something that hints at a hidden treasure. With the help of a restless spirit, the team solves a centuries-old mystery that changes history.

“A delightful combination of intrigue and mystery with just enough logic and humor to please any reader.”

—Rita Dear, author of the Eutopian Destiny series

I thoroughly enjoyed Haunted House Mystery by Sue Latham, even though the paranormal is not my forte. The plot is well constructed and the conversations are straightforward. I am looking forward to future books to learn more about the characters and enjoy more mysterious ghostly episodes.

"On the day we got the first frantic phone call from Marsha Darnell, I was looking forward to a little bit of down time. We had spent most of the night before in a tavern inhabited by a particularly rambunctious poltergeist, and I had taken a thunk on the head from a flying beer bottle."

This begins a tale of the team of Margo, Ernie, Sandy and Elaine. They investigate paranormal happenings in the small town of Indian Springs. They are called to look into inexplicable happenings in a house in the Victorian section of town that is being renovated by the new owner. There they discover a phenomenon and a centuries old mystery.

There are a few side stories that the author relates to show not all mysterious happening are paranormal - like finding a trio of squirrels in the attic of a sweet lady who is just sure her late husband is trying to contact her.

I am looking forward to more in the series as Ms. Latham recounts more exciting stories about these zany, but dedicated people. The humorous vein that runs through the story is great. I hope Ms. Latham keeps it in future stories of the team.

This is a fun book to read. You must get it and start reading about the people in the little town of Indian Springs.

—Midwest Book Review