All the Blue-Eyed Angels

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers, Romance

By Jen Blood

Publisher : Adian Press

ABOUT Jen Blood

Jen Blood
Mystery and freelance writer, founder of Adian Press, author of All the Blue-Eyed Angels - an Anna Solomon novel, to be released October 15, 2011.



A deadly fire. An island of secrets kept too long. And one woman, determined to learn the truth at all costs.

A fatal fire that has haunted investigative journalist Anna Solomon since childhood becomes a personal crusade when she receives evidence implicating her father in a tragedy that left thirty-four members of the Payson Church of Tomorrow dead, and ultimately led to his own suicide. Now, with the help of fellow journalist Diggs Harris, a handsome stranger who may or may not be out to get her, and a mutt named Einstein with a less-than-genius IQ, Solomon must confront her own demons in a quest to uncover secrets someone will kill to keep buried.