Austin Nights

General Fiction

By Herocious .

Publisher : Tiny TOE Press

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herocious .
herocious was born during a thunderstorm on Mars. He enjoys long runs on the beach, poetry, and candlelight dinners. Once, he tipped a homeless window washer with spiritual enlightenment.Be his friend at



Bridget has a fierce desire for survival which makes her a fighter. Michael has a hankering after immortality which makes him a dreamer. And that is the great difference between these two Austin transplants who love each other so well.

The novel has a strange epic feel about it. Like something huge is happening, I’m not sure how he does it, but you get the emotion that someone is really trying to live.

-Noah Cicero, author of Best Behavior

There is a particular intimacy that the protagonist lets the reader in on, and I sense it in his ever so slight insecurities, a flaw that you know how to write quite well without being overtly overbearing.

-Lavinia Ludlow, author of alt.punk

Powered by a rich kind of nonlinear anti-narrative, Davidson weaves and cajoles us into believing that reality can be fiction and fiction reality, but more importantly, to stop looking for the border that divides the two.

-Jennifer Thompson, Black Heart Magazine

An interesting read no matter how you slice it.

-Adam S, Austinist

-Scott McClanahan, author of Stories IV!

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