The Star Profile: A Management Tool to Unleash Employee Potential

ABOUT Jathan Janove

Jathan Janove
Since the early 1980’s, Jathan Janove has been helping employers maintain workforce performance expectations without paying a price in employment litigation or union trouble. This challenge has become a lot more difficult for employers who must cope with global economic change in a legal More...



High workplace turnover, fractured loyalties, rising tensions between managers and employees--these are nothing new. Employment law veteran Jathan Janove has been on the front lines for more than twenty-five years, helping organizations deal with these issues--and developing and field testing a solution. In this book, Janove delivers his proven process for creating a star profile--a concise, action-oriented word picture capturing a manager's or an executive's vision of success for a particular job, department, or work function. By outlining the core of what a good employee does right, but not the discrete tasks to be performed, profiles can promote collaborative relationships between managers and employees. Flying in the face of the old-school task-based hierarchy, profiles encourage organizations to collectively pursue shared goals.

The Star Profile goes to the heart of both management's expectations and an employee's commitment to workplace success. Working through the nine-step process of writing and refining a star profile--in less than 100 words and as few as two sentences--Janove shows how to link what is fundamentally important in a given job and the desired employee behaviors directly to the structure, mission, and goals of the organization. He provides dozens of examples and real-life stories of how organizations have used this dynamic communication tool in hiring and promotion, new employee orientation, succession planning, and performance appraisal. he also offers practical suggestions regarding the role HR can play in aligning the star profile process with an organization's existing policies, practices, culture, and systems.

While reading The Star Profile, it is easy to get excited about the potential of this tool for creating effective, fulfilling, mutually respectful employee-manager relationships.  --Soundview Executive Book Summaries