Marriage Secrets

General Fiction

By John Rogers

Publisher : Silverwood Books

ABOUT John Rogers

John Rogers
John Rogers was born in 1929 in County Down. For most of his life he has been engaged in a business career of advertising and financial services, in the United Kingdom and Canada.Marriage Secrets is his third novel.



Tony Rowlands is devastated by being made redundant well
before his normal retirement age. Tony's attempt to keep
the news from his wife, Mary, in the ancient town of Rye
– where everybody knows everybody's business – becomes
impossible. His venture into buying a coffee shop in the
High Street at first shocks Mary, who decides to seek refuge
with the ladies branch of the local Golf Club, where she has
been made Vice-Captain. While the golfing ladies row on
the golf course and in the clubhouse, Tony and his business
friend Bill are being fleeced by their employees. But though
feelings run high, nobody really believes that rancour will
lead to attempted kidnapping, the unravelling of Tony and
Bill's mysterious problems, and the resolution of the comic
golf club capers...