JENKINS: Confederate Blockade Runner

History, Biographies & Memoirs, Romance

By Emily Hill

Publisher : A.V. Harrison Publishing

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Emily Hill
Emily Hill, author of GHOST Stories and owner of A.V. Harrison Publishing, is an IndiePub Coach who teaches privately, as well as at leading literary conferences, such as Edmonds Community College BizArt, and City of Edmonds WOTS Conference.  She is the author of the self-publishing serie More...



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Jenkins: Confederate Blockade Runner, is based on the exciting life - and loves - of adventurer, settler, and Civil War blockade runner, Colonel C.T. Jenkins.

Born into a prominent Baltimore family in 1811, Jenkins defies his father's demands that he continue the Jenkins' family enterprise and makes a dash into the pages of Confederate history. Jenkins first finds the independence he seeks, riding with Newburne's Company of Mounted Rifles and serving in Florida's 4th Infantry during the Civil War. But his life of adventure comes at an expensive trade off - the severing of all ties with his father and brothers.

A mid-life encounter with Vermont's Lucy Colburn, his intellectual and emotional equal, prompts C.T. to reconsider the hurt and damage abandoning his Baltimore family may have caused. He gravitates toward Mrs. Colburn, with only one reservation: widowed, she is ten years his senior.

But, she has an ingénue daughter, Eliza, for whom Mrs. Colburn seeks a suitable match. Jenkins is being considered by Mrs. Colburn in what could become a December-May union between her daughter and Jenkins.

However, the quiet beauty, Eliza, prefers the suave, but opportunistic, Taylor Babcock. The Civil War interrupts C.T.'s life as he is captured by Union forces off Florida's Gulf Coast for the crime of blockade running.

Facing a life sentence to be served at Fort Warren prison, Jenkins realizes that to survive his ordeal he must face the challenge of realigning with his Baltimore family, thus gaining access to family resources.

In prison Jenkins comes to terms with the real cost of his flight from Baltimore and grasps at one final chance at establishing the one thing missing in his life - love and family.

As grand-niece of Colonel Jenkins, I inherited his Civil War photograph album, which he had dedicated to his daughter, Annie D. Jenkins. The album has always inspired me, and ultimately became the 'haunt' that compelled me to pen my first novel.

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