Drop Dead Delicious (A Maggie and Odessa Mystery)

Mystery & Thrillers

By Jill Brock

Publisher : BookSurge Publishing

Drop Dead Delicious (A Maggie and Odessa Mystery)

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Jill Brock
I’ve been an avid reader all of my life and started writing stories and poetry in earnest several years ago, posting on several writing online sites. I join several writing groups and organization, such a Sister In Crime to help me understanding the writing life. A hobby turned into a li More...



Best friends since high school, Maggie Swift and Odessa Wilkes are working hard at their new careers, Maggie as a P.I. in-training and Odessa as a dessert chef. A pixie redhead, with more curiosity than common sense, Maggie wants to do more than the dishes and coaching her son’s soccer team. Once, Odessa wanted to be as rich as Oprah, now she dreams of winning first place on a televised Bake Off, if she can just find a killer cake recipe.

As a mother and wife, Maggie’s knack for finding things and people motivates her to try her hand at sleuthing. Armed with a certificate from her Adult Education Class, Private Investigation for Idiots, and a job working for a retired New York City police detective’s failing P.I. business, she wants to give it a go. Despite, protests from her husband, a hyperactive eight year old son and an inscrutable family dog. In between PTA meetings and doing the laundry, Maggie thinks she could be the next Sam Spade,

For Odessa, after a tumultuous year, finally she is back on track, with her growing cake making business. Despite having to work with her demanding sister, Candace at their family restaurant The Blue Moon, things are looking good. Until her embezzling ex-boss comes back to town.

Burke Peterson was a nightmare Odessa would sooner forget, but he won’t let her. His return to New York City brings back really bad memories. Especially the one where Odessa gets tossed out of her high paying job, dumped by her ‘perfect’ boyfriend on a crowded Manhattan street and stuck in a subway fire all on the same day. The incident left her with an anxiety disorder and little blue pills to manage it.

With Peterson’s return, Odessa has to contend with her overwhelming desire to kill him with a poison pie, dealing with her new boyfriend’s sudden jealousy and finding the recipe for the perfect cake! While Maggie tries to help her best friend, she has problems of her own. Her first stake out brings her too close for comfort to a deranged oversexed mistress and her accident prone husband’s penchant for power tools.

Despite all their efforts, Peterson drags Odessa and Maggie reluctantly into dirty money, hidden codes, the FBI, Las Vegas and murder.

The second in a chick-lit detective series should be convincing primarily to undemanding readers. Odessa Wilkes and Maggie Swift are best friends in New York. Maggie's a housewife and aspiring P.I., Odessa a former advertising professional who turned to cake-making after her strongest advocate, Burke Peterson, left her agency under a cloud of embezzlement accusations. As the novel opens, Maggie is involved in an adultery investigation. As their investigation points toward the subject's innocence, Odessa's equilibrium is thrown off by Peterson's reappearance in town. He claims innocence, and he intends to make things up to Odessa, who was fired from her job as a scapegoat for Peterson's alleged crimes. At the same time, the FBI shows up at her door asking questions. Following dual threads, Maggie and Odessa pursue a trail to Las Vegas and back to New York, uncovering unexpected connections and motives. The second book in Brock's series, following Pennywise (2007)...

Brock aims for a sassy, relatable tone....

...wistful references to warm baths, soft-focus sex and longed-for martinis...

Will appeal only to readers who can't pass up a combination of mild mystery and catty quips. --Kirkus Discoveries, December 11, 2008