DEATH BY STUDENT LOAN - A Mariah Garrett Time-Travel Mystery

Humor, Mystery & Thrillers, Romance

By L C Russell

Publisher : Tiny Cottage Press

ABOUT L C Russell

L C Russell
In addition to writing fantasy/adventure, my "day job" consists of teaching  courses at University of Phoenix, Ashford University and Ultimate Medical Academy.  I am  author of DEATH BY STUDENT LOAN - a time-travel mystery and the "November" book series starting with More...



A $100,000 student loan is murder-but then so is a human head stashed in your pantry. 

Mariah Garrett has two weighty problems-crushing agoraphobia, which prevents her from leaving home and a six-figure student loan. While searching for something to sell on eBay one morning, she uncovers a hidden staircase in the back of a closet in the upper floor of the old Victorian once belonging to her aunt Mae. A misstep on a stair tread sends her plummeting to the bottom, into 1957, where she meets her long-dead relatives and discovers that even the Nifty Fifties can be a dangerous place.  

" I absolutely LOVED this book!" -- MysteryGeek

"Good beach read!," ... -- Danny Parker