Too Many Visitors For One Little House

Children's Books

By Susan Chodakiewitz

Publisher : Booksicals

ABOUT Susan Chodakiewitz

Susan Chodakiewitz
I am a writer, composer and founder of Booksicals - Encouraging a Love of Reading Through the Arts.  The Booksicals Repertory Company performs Too Many Visitors for One Little House in schools, libraries, and at children's literacy events. Booksicals has also released the Too Many Vis More...



The crabby neighbors of El Camino Street can't bear all the fun, music and laughter coming from the house of the new family on the block as cousins, uncles, aunts and grannies arrive for a big noisy reunion.


Too Many Visitors for One Little House is based on the wild and crazy summer that my family moved into our new house in Beverly Hills and all these visitors came to stay. First my sister drove in from Miami in a GIANT camper with her husband, four kids, and housekeeper. For a surprise they brought my parents and uncle from Russia. Then I got a call from my sister-in-law in Houston. She was getting a divorce and was moving to LA. She and the 3 kids needed a place to stay until she found a new house. She arrived with 3 children and a housekeeper. Soon after that my mother-in-law got out of the hospital. She moved in -- together with her nurse. All together 23 people lived in our house that summer. Every evening the invaders oops, sorry visitors -- would congregate on the front lawn. On occasion my uncle from Russia led the group in a Russian folk song. On some nights my dad joined in with Klezmer on the clarinet. Our formerly quiet little neighborhood buzzed with music, noise from children at play, and the barking of a scraggly dog -- who adopted our family that summer too. Our not-so-quiet little house began to bust at the seams. On various occasions the neighbors summoned the police to check out the suspicious activity at the house of the new family on the block! I always thought I would write this story as a screen play or musical yet sixteen years later it finally manifested itself as the childrens picture book.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great fun!, May 3, 2009
By  Librarian Elise Daniel (Durham, NH United States)    
As a librarian, this book has all the elements for a good read! The tone is fun and upbeat, the characters varied, and the connection with childrens' busy and hectic lives real. The lively illustrations perfectly complement the "Too many visitors for one little house" refrain, which is a line I expect young children will be repeating as they read or listen to the book. Bravo to the author and illustrator for this whimsical, charming book!

5.0 out of 5 stars Too Much Fun!, April 28, 2009
By  Nancy I. Sanders (CA USA)    
This beautiful picture book tells a delightful tale of grumpy neighbors being won over by too many delightful visitors in one small house. Veronica Walsh's engaging illustrations bring to life the personalities and quirks of each visitor who arrives in this rollicking story about family, fun, and neighborhoods. (I can't decide whether my favorite is the tail-wagging dog or the ever-prepared grandparents!) 
5.0 out of 5 stars Brings a smile to your face!, May 6, 2009
By  Steve Abramowitz (Morganville, NJ)
This heartwarming story and colorful illustrations will make any reader, young and old, smile. We can all relate to family gatherings and sharing good food and good times together. The smell of the apple strudel and the sound of the dog barking jump of the pages and puts you into the house with all of the relatives and neighbors. My wife who is a kindergarten teacher can't wait to share this story with her class!