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By Stuart Land

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Stuart Land
About Stuart Land I began writing while working as a sculptor in Los Angeles on many well-known films such as Aliens, Predator, The Abyss, Poltergeist 2, Beetlejuice, Independence Day, and many others. I was mentored in film directing by Jim Pasternak, Dov S-S Simens, and others, and ment More...


SHADOW HOUSE is a psychological supernatural thriller about two men, alive in different times, who share a terrible secret that, through a quirk of fate, saved one, but damned the other. These seemingly unconnected lives begin interleaving between five year old PJ McAvoy—critically injured when his family dies in a mysterious fire in 1920’s Massachusetts—and contemporary suburban family man, Aaron Molina, when he purchases an antique tool box at a flea market.

Through Aarons “visions” into PJ’s tragic past, he witnesses the killer’s life firsthand, from the childhood injury that precipitates his paranormal ability to kill, through his orphaned youth and horrific WWII years. For every tragedy that befalls PJ, or act of mayhem he inflicts, he senses Aaron’s interfering presence and holds him responsible. To save himself and his family from PJ’s vendetta, Aaron must learn the secret that binds them together. PJ’s plans, however, go far beyond mere revenge, where his own death is not an obstacle, and Aaron’s demise will only be a footnote.

This novel is aimed for avid thriller and horror readers who cuddle the "chill of terror" from authors such as Anne Rice and Stephen King, and even further, to mystery lovers who tantalize over the who, why, and how aspects of crime and death, from Dan Brown to Jonathan Kellerman. This is NOT a traditional ghost story.

This story started with the character PJ McAvoy and the very first line of the book. I wanted to explore the humanistic side of what makes a person evil. I wanted to craft a character, that though evil, would also elicit empathy and compassion. I've found through my own life experiences that we are a sum of nature, nurture, and dumb luck. To give meaning and balance to a character's actions, I felt that the only way to do it was through a mirror image of the character. Only in the case of this mirror, we don't know which is the reflection. Though I can appreciate a fun, beach read, I don't enjoy writing them. This story, hopefully, is a bit of both, thrill ride and brain teaser. I hope you enjoy it.

Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock move over, there's a new kid in town.
I have to say right here & now, Mr Land's writing style is absolutely beautiful. The words dip & flow & pull you into this tale of evil & bizarre happenings. Glimpses we get into PJ's mind & life are so well described you can see, feel & actually smell what’s happening. Secondary characters are a great group of people. Land manages to bring these different characters together in this spine tingling tale with just the right amount of humor & mystery. I truly enjoyed every second of this book.  Penelope Adams - Paranormal Romance Guild

SHADOW HOUSE - HONEST to God, Stuart - that is the BEST HORROR novel I have ever read - Stephen King and Dean Koontz had better take notice!!! I really could not put the book down! I love BRAD - he reminds me of my Rico der Hunter III. You are so right - Aaron's thoughts (page 3) HOOKED ME - - - HE is all of us! Claire, WOW - I wish I could MARRY HER!

Michael Phelps

Excellent Read By A Major New Talent
By James A. Anderson "Author"
An amazing new young author has descended on the literary scene. SHADOW HOUSE is an engrossing, truly enthralling read. Mr. Land has an inventive, sometimes very weird imagination and takes his reader on a roller coaster ride of thrills, action and twists and turns where you really don't know how it's going to end up. His writing is outstanding. Do yourself a favor and buy it.

5* (SHADOW HOUSE) ...very much stay on the edge of your seat...lots of surprises that kept me guessing from one minute to the next. If you like mystery with some supernatural thrown in get this book. It will have you asking "What came first the chicken or the egg?"  bear lover (Eastern Shore, MD)