ABOUT Emma Sargent

Emma Sargent
Emma Sargent is a coach, speaker, and author of three parenting books, Dry At Night, Flying Start, and Brilliant Parent. Emma has spent the last fifteen years working with both corporate and private clients, including children and families.

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Dry at Night is a step-by-step, easy-to-follow process for parents that treats all possible causes of bed wetting at the same time to help their child get and stay dry at night!  This book will:

Teach you how to use an alarm differently to get excellent results

Give you everything you need to know about coaching, supporting and motivating your child towards success

Answer all your questions

Give you ways to make it last and stay dry forever!

It also includes record charts, progress charts, quick reference instructions and exercises.

"Thank you so much for putting all this together.  It was very easy to follow and we got results more quickly than we dared to imagine.  Finally, there’s a step by step system that makes sense and has research to back it up. 

It is so clearly explained and incorporates both the emotional and physical aspects of getting dry.  Best of all, it’s personal – written from the heart – and you clearly KNOW what you are talking about.  Your empathy and expertise shine through.

Karen Moxom
Hertfordshire, UK