The People You Don't See

Family & Relationships

By Kevin Emery

Publisher : SilverWood Books

ABOUT Kevin Emery

Kevin Emery
Kevin Emery is a journalist. He has worked for North Somerset News and Media, and was a features writer for the Bristol Evening Post. Kevin was born in 1978 in Bristol and attended Buckinghamshire Chilterns University college. He studied creative writing, film and media.


How well do you know someone? What if the person you loved and thought you knew suddenly turned into a different person, someone you'd never seen before? And what if it's a relationship you just can't get out of?

"A sharply-observed morality tale that toys with preconceptions of love, loyalty and success."
Tom Henry, author of Three and Out.

"A battle for power and control – and an explosive ending."
Jethro Soutar, author of Gael Garcia Bernal and the Latin American New Wave.