Cleansing the Sanctuary of the Heart: Tools for Emotional Healing

ABOUT Beverly Sedlacek

Beverly Sedlacek
Beverly Sedlacek, an advanced practice nurse, has worked for over 34 years counseling hurting people in the areas of addiction, abuse, relationship difficulties, emotional problems and financial difficulties.  She has coordinated and spoken at numerous retreats, seminars and workshop More...


This book summarizes the Biblical applications David and Beverly have learned and successfully used.  It uses the sanctuary as a model for the counseling process.  Topics covered include embracing the truth about our past, looking at the impact wounding has had on our lives, acknowledging our fallen responses to painful events, uncovering core negative beliefs that we’ve accepted about ourselves, and unpacking the survival mechanisms we’ve developed that are no longer working well in our relationships with God and others.  Additional vital topics include: agape love, forgiveness and boundaries. Cost $13.99.  Also comes with a companion workbook for $14.99