A Dilli-Mumbai ♥ (Love) Story

Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, Humor

By Abhimanyu Jha

Publisher : Srishti Publishers

ABOUT Abhimanyu Jha

Abhimanyu Jha
Abhimanyu (Abhi) is a music and movie crazy, fun-loving entrepreneur who runs an education company TalentBridge www.talentbridge.co.in with friends who are passionate about bridging industry-education gap. When he is not connecting good students to right companies, he writes about boys me More...



2008 – the year in which the world became poorer and India less safer, there was a couple passionately in love. Aniruddh and Apu.

“My Ducati and my 6’ 1” height was enough to impress or intimidate most people. I didn’t want to bring my IQ in on top of that.” – Aniruddh.

“Not a word more. I am Aparajita… remember? The unbeatable.” - Apu

“If you were to stay forever in the way you died, how would you want to die?”

“Kissing you.”

Aniruddh, a Ducati riding, economics loving dude studying in St. Stephen’s. And Apu - a girl from Goa who loves thelawala food and super large ear rings. Opposites in a lot of ways, they fell for each other the instant they met.

But then on a pleasant November night, when India was going to sleep, Aniruddh’s love for his saanwli memsaab met a terrifying enemy…

Will it survive the horror they bring?


Just wanted to write a short but memorable love story with strong characters climaxing in Mumbai attacks. And also to pay a tribute to late Eric Segal!

First review from a person I didn't know, Ankit Endlaw (and now I know)

“Coming to your Novel, what can I say? It is amazing…..SUPERB!! I enjoyed reading it….it was a pleasure to read your novel Sir! It had everything…..Comedy, Drama, Romance, Emotions….it was a perfect blend of all. The most important thing, English used was simple & easy to understand. As a result, I finished reading your novel in a day itself. I started reading it yesterday, i.e. Sunday, 1st May & finished it in the evening. Mentioning English/Hindi Phrases inbetween the story was classy! Greek Philosophers ran around n…d shouting like a madman Eureka Eureka….I have found it…..this was too funny, I laughed for almost 2 mins….lol….don’t exaggerate khali-peeli….Qayamat se Qayamat Tak, Dilli se Goa Tak….Zaalim Zamana…..I enjoyed them all  ….

….. Then, when the story returns to Present Tense…..Taj, Mumbai….that was the part, where my smile vanished. I became serious, very serious. Believe me, my eyes were wet throughout. I understood what the end might be, but again, I was wrong….The end was different….it was shocking! I read the last 2 pages twice, before I understood what had actually happened… (lines removed so as to hide ending) … I was in shock & then, the book slipped out of my hands. I picked it up….stood on my desk for 10 mins….SHOCKED! Then, I got up…..Sir, believe me….I actually did this. I got up & applauded & said, “Well done Mr. Abhimanyu Jha..you have written a wonderful romantic Novel, Well Done! Well Done”.

I’m not joking, I actually said this. You surely casted a spell upon me….I mean, your novel