Double Hit

General Fiction

By Alec Wright

Publisher : SilverWood Books

ABOUT Alec Wright

Alec Wright
For his first novel Alec Wright draws on his experience as a single-figure handicap golfer and as Captain of a Sussex golf club. A member of The Society of Authors, he has published non-fiction books and articles in professional journals in the UK and the USA: his latest publication is a h More...


Paul Calvert returns to England from Australia, his engagement broken, his career wrecked. He seeks a new life in a quiet Dorset village. But he witnesses a savage mugging by young thugs, and in saving the victim makes enemies of the muggers. At the local golf club, where he takes a job, longstanding grudges surface, culminating in the death of a senior member. The police do not suspect foul play, but Paul has other ideas, and begins to make enquiries. He finds many suspects with motives for murder. Events now take a more sinister turn as Paul uncovers a fake antiques racket and is swept into a world of intrigue and danger – with his own life at risk.

A murdered body is found near the golf course, shocking club members again. The Paul receives a chilling threat: get out of the village within three days… or be killed.

Reviews for the hardback edition of Double Hit:
The author weaves a masterful tale – a plot full of twists and turns, romance and setbacks, and full of memorable characters. A gripping read for all whodunit and thriller fans – and for golf enthusiasts too.

Golf club politics are dealt with in an entertaining and plausible fashion. The story moves along at a decent pace to a denouement you probably didn't see coming. It's a pretty good tale. If you're a golfer as well that will add to the enjoyment.
Golf International
Murder, controversy and romance all abound over the course of this gripping 279 page yarn that reads like the work of a seasoned writer. We recommend this excellent golf murder – mystery should occupy a place on every golf enthusiast's bookshelf.
Golf Monthly 'Book of the Week' Jan 2008

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