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Tracey Lee Campbell
Tracey Lee Campbell grew up in Sydney, Australia, before moving to Queensland as a teen. She has been writing stories since she was very young and wrote her first manuscript when she was just ten years old. She has always had an interest in things which can be classed as ‘highly strangeâ More...



Aric Brennan is a whisperer - a perfectly engineered human/alien hybrid, designed specifically to charm and seduce.

When Lucy is stalked by his unearthly creators, she has no choice but to trust him to help her navigate a way through a horrifying reality - a reality filled with creatures which should really only exist in nightmares.

"...His face drew nearer, and I caught my breath at the closeness of such an impossibly perfect person. Despite every instinct which told me I was in danger, I couldn't help but stare back at him, and be pulled into the spell he was weaving. The panic receded as I looked into his eyes and listened to the hypnotic timbre of his voice. The room filled with a strange buzz which permeated my body, vibrating and pulsing through every part of me. I didn't care - I was still listening to his voice. Paralysis overtook me, but I had no will to fight it. The creatures moved closer and he backed away..."

"Star-crossed - a pair of lovers whose relationship, ordained by the stars, is thwarted by outside forces."

"There are many things in this world, Lucy, that are not what they seem. Humans go about their business with their heads in the sand. They have no idea what's really going on."

After surviving a peculiar and unsettled childhood, Lucy Doyle's relatively normal teenage existence is turned upside down with the arrival of the enigmatic, impossibly good looking Aric Brennan - her uncle's new ranch hand. Lucy's suspicion that there's something 'different' about Aric is confirmed when she learns that his uncanny ability to mind read and charm the socks off of any female isn't just an accident - he was bred for this purpose. Aric is a 'whisperer' - a genetically manipulated human hybrid created by the Innaki - an alien race involved in a sinister abduction program. Aric's task - to calm the Innaki's 'specimens' during their abductions, sits uncomfortably with him.

When Aric falls for Lucy and sees her distress during one of her abductions he vows to protect her from the Innaki. They embark on a dangerous race to escape the attention of both the Innaki and their gargoyle-like minions, as well as a malevolent military connection. Why do the Innaki harbor an extraordinary interest in Lucy? What is their real agenda? Together Lucy and Aric discover the very real peril which threatens the Earth, and endeavor to make sense of reality, who (or what!) they really are, and their role in this extraordinary situation.

If you're into X File type aliens and ufos, vampiric creatures, weird powers, romance and fast paced adventure, then Starcrossed: Book 1 Perigee, by Tracey Lee Campbell is a must read!

"What girl wouldn't wish for the perfect guy? Unfortunately for Lucy, he was created that way for a reason..."

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"...Despite his apparent 'perfection', he holds a chilling secret which could destroy Lucy and her world forever..."

"...Awesome writing, a full-on, pacey terrific plot with interesting ideas, twists and turns, plus entertaining and often humorous characters..."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the book, it was well written, well constructed and the story reeled me in from the start. The whole story concept blew my mind and I couldn't put it down, I needed to know what was around the next turn. I loved the characters, they brought the story to life with their humour and presence. If you want a book that will keep you captivated till the end, this it it. I am waiting now for the next installment..."

"This book had me hooked from the very beginning, in fact I stayed up all night reading it because I kept wanting to know what would happen next. The author's pace and description were excellent - I could picture it all in my mind as if I were watching a movie..."

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