Wandering Star: A Tale of Piracy and Poe

ABOUT Donna Burgess

Donna Burgess
Donna Burgess is an author of dark fiction and poetry who enjoys surfing, painting and has a deep affection for all things Monty Python and low-budget horror flicks.  Over the past fifteen years, her fiction and poetry has appeared in genre publications such as Weird Tales, Dark Wisdom, More...


When a young military officer named Perry meets renegade lady-pirate, Charlotte Law, they are immediately drawn together by their lust for riches. Armed with a map, a secret, and a strange little golden scarab, they embark on a quest for the treasures of the legendary Captain Kidd. Enlisting the help of a naïve Irishman named Finnegan, they journey from the dank opium dens to the lush barrier islands of old Charleston. And along the way, one of them will live an adventure that will eventually turn into one of the most haunting and memorable escapades to grace early American literature.

A love for Poe, old Charleston, SC and mysterious pirates prompted me to come up with this.