Replaced By a Stranger

Replaced By a Stranger

ABOUT Kc Stone

Kc Stone
I am a small town author from South Carolina. My novels are based on true stories and feel that everyone has a story to tell. My goal is to give a voice to those who want to share their experience.



**Based on a true story** 
Growing up in a small town in South Carolina, Emily Weston enjoyed a good life. Small towns offer great relationships where everyone knows everyone and a peaceful back drop to set the scene of her what seemed to be perfect life. However, this small town was no stranger to affairs, lies and abuse and now, Emily Weston has added to it.  
Emily Weston was a woman who had everything she wanted, a loving husband and a great job. However, the pressure of all the flirtatious behavior Emily faced each day at work became too much. Her inner desires and lack of attention from her loving husband, coupled with the onslaught of temptation at work, would prove to be stronger than the marriage she had worked so hard to build. It will soon be apparent all of the things she had worked hard to achieve would come crashing down in a twisted pile of rubble full of lies and deceit. 
Emily strived for some kind of balance in her life and she found it in another man. All of the things she had long desired, she found in Troy…..compassion, excitement and fulfillment. She would also discover, along with her fulfilled desires, a game that no one wins……. Lies lived on the tip of Troy’s tongue and his manipulating personality seemed innate. This and more arising danger would be looming for Emily in the not so far distant future.

*Based on a true story* The addictions of an affair can scar a marriage leaving it unrecognizable. Emily Weston craved the attention, passion and balance an affair provided her. But at what cost, and would you have made the same choices? Available today!

“KC Stone offers up a cutting, gritty story of Emily Weston, a small town married woman and mother, whose affair destroys her life. She is, moment by moment, self aware of her mind, heart and actions and chooses to dance with the devil anyway. Troy is the perfect manipulative villain… this novel is a classic waiting to be discovered.”
Cory Parella

This story is a brutally honest tale of the deterioration of a marriage and the hopes of redemption after the dreadful deathblow of shattering trust. KC did a fantastic job of portraying Emily’s inner feelings, from the lack of attention from her spouse to her guilt after finding that attention from someone else. It is a harsh reminder of how easily it can be to take your lover for granted and make the wrong choices instead of fighting for what you truly love and need. As Emily’s life falls apart around her, she realizes that she truly does love her husband, but she is caught in a web of lies and deceit and faces the all-too-human problem of fear and helplessness. Her honest account of her mistakes, coupled with the strength and gentleness of her sweet husband, Garrett, makes your heart ache for both of them as you watch them try to keep things together despite their pain. REPLACED BY A STRANGER is a heartfelt story of slowly destroying your life before you realize how difficult it can be to pick up the pieces. Collette Scott - Author