ABOUT Stephen Cody

Stephen Cody
Steve Cody is an author and trial lawyer who lives in Miami, Florida.  \



Conspiracy ... Mayhem ... Murder ... Death

Just another day in Miami.

Jack Sullivan is finishing his last case as a prosecutor, trying a young Cuban cop for the shooting of a Black baby in her crib. Jack's no stranger to the spotlight. He's the son of Florida's legendary governor, Jim Sullivan, the man who guided the state in the early 1960s from its Jim Crow past into the twentieth century. One of Jim's last acts as governor was to shut down the Joint Legislative Committee on Investigations as it was conducting witch-hunts on the state's university campuses.

Just after hosting a presidential campaign fundraiser in his seaside mansion, Jim is found dead, the victim of a suicide, but the police are suspicious. The only person in the house with him is his young, beautiful wife, Carmen. 

Against his better judgment, Jack agrees to defend Carmen. Not satisfied in merely raising a reasonable doubt, Jack must do battle with an unscrupulous special prosecutor, as well as the wife of a presidential candidate who is determined to see Carmen prosecuted for the crime. 

The question of who might want Jim Sullivan killed may lie in the long forgotten records of the committee, but Jack must risk his life to find them first.