The Dynameos Conspiracy

Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Dave Folsom

Publisher : Dave

ABOUT Dave Folsom

dave folsom
I started writing stories and essays over twenty years ago after taking a course in creative writing on a whim. That influence prompted me to write about some of the colorful characters I'd met in the many places and occupations I'd explored. Some, though not all, of the characters and eve More...


When an acquaintance from college dies on his doorstep from an assassins gunshot wound, former government operative Lee Trainer, quietly living in Montana, finds a mysterious computer chip in the dead man’s pocket  The chip is a new and mysterious kind with curious abilities.  The killers, desperate to retrieve the chip make several unsuccessful attempts on his life and open a trail of deception and murder.  Following leads from Montana to the Cayman Islands, Trainer gathers former comrades, a beautiful former lover and a friend from the past who likes to hurt killers.  Together they become entangled in a widespread conspiracy to destroy the country.