The Last Good Girl

Young Adult

By Clary Ingram

Publisher : Real World Publications

The Last Good Girl

ABOUT Clary Ingram

Clary Ingram
Clary Ingram is the author of three novels. Her third novel, entitled Strain is due to be released this summer, along with The Last Good Girl.



Karla Johnson is a sweet, innocent, Southern girl. But in 12th grade her values are challenged when she becomes interested in dating. While her male counterparts' hormones are flying out of control, she finds herself dodging the games they play for sex. One smooth guy she may not be able to resist is her best friend's boyfriend-Terrell Lewis.

Born and raised in the hood, Terrell has all the qualities to look for in a guy. He's intelligent, handsome-a pure gentleman and a dynamic football star-but trouble seems to follow him wherever he goes. He is definitely no stranger to the law. Karla just so happens to be the one who picks him up whenever he falls. Each time fate lands Terrell a blow, the more Karla becomes attached . . . and there's no telling what may happen when the last good girl is put to the test.

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