Alva V.H

Reaching from a place of Respect, Truth, Integrity and Love, Alva honours our Free Will and recognizes that we are all Co-Creators of our own Reality with the Universe. Her Intention is to Guide us, to Heal from the past and to Realize our Full Potential in the NOW. Furthermore, to assist us on our own Journey of Spiritual Discovery and Personal Growth, while encouraging us to live an Authentic Life through Awareness and Empowerment. In her Book, Alva Invites us to begin our Life in a New Way and 'tap into' our Inner Power as we explore who we REALLY are - An Invitation to refrain from simply existing and elect to live our Life FULLY without regret. Alva's 'the Glad Game Revisited' Course provides 'Tools' and Exercises to assist us in creating this deserved life of our Visions and Aspirations. It offers Insights and Reminders which make this wonderful Journey Home, easier, more Harmonious and IN ALIGNMENT with the mastery that is already embedded WITHIN us all. This WORK confirms a lifelong VISION which she had felt since childhood - to reach beyond the physical, into the outer Realms, and allow for the Experience of this Connection with the Source of All that IS.

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