Zaria Garrison

Zaria Garrison was born and raised in Greenville SC, where she found a love for reading and writing at an early age.In 2005 her first novel Baring it All was released by Publish America under her birth name Gena L. Garrison. It received rave reviews and she was awarded the best new author award of 2005 by Mahogany Media.

As she continued writing she felt she could no longer write stories that involved explicit sex and violence. She could only write what God told her to write. Following her transformation, as he did with Saul, God gave her a new name Zaria, which means new beginnings. As an award-winning author she is committed to writing and publishing literature that ministers as well as entertains.

Zaria is also part owner and staff writer for EKG Literary magazine. An online magazine dedicated to being the pulse of the literary community.

Zaria also offers insight and encouragement to aspiring authors through workshops, and writing classes that allow each participant to discover the craft of writing and how it can be used to effectively minister to youth, women, and all members of the community.

Prodigal is her first Christian fiction novel.

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