Zandra Wolfe

I was born in Australia, married with one daughter and 3 grandsons and for most of my life I was trapped in the mundane western world wrestling with everyday survival. My life has taken many twists and turns, I have scoured the mountains, rested in the valleys, rode the rapids and many of my lessons defied normality. Yet through these changes and growth periods, I have become more spiritually aware and yearned for creativity and knowledge.

My husband and I finally stepped outside the box and moved to beautiful Bali in 2010 and now reside in Idyllic Ubud, the artistic and cultural centre of Ubud. This opened my world to many creative endeavours, painting and writing being my passions.

During my journey some 20 years ago through the realms of the esoteric and my attraction to all forms of creativity, I found myself falling into automatic hand writing and discovered it to be inspirational. By just allowing myself to step aside and clear my mind, I just let my hand holding a pen do its own thing. I would write so fast with no breaks and the handwriting was definitely not my own and the spiritual teachings that sprang forth were truly amazing.

This opened me up to writing in general. I commenced writing POETRY and enjoyed the process. I placed a few of poems up on and received many offers to publish my poetry in coffee table book collections which I agreed to and was subsequently published. I find poetry to be a creative outlet that gives me a platform to express my inner most feelings, as does MY ART.

I am currently in the process of writing my first book. I was awoken at wierd times in the morning around 2.30am with all of these ideas and characters for this book bubbling around inside my head, it was quite scary. I knew I had to write this. I was even given this being's name, Syr, and once I sat down at my laptop, my fingers went berserk and just started tapping on the keyboard, mind you I have never seen my 2 fingers go so fast lol. It is surreal and the story is incredible as it is unfolding. This book will be for most age groups, a bit like the Harry Potter meets Avatar Genre.

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