Vince DaCosta

Vince DaCosta is an Author, Professional Speaker and Corporate Trainer. He is a specialist in Communication and Leadership techniques and has spent 30 years teaching and training employees and managers. He has authored three books: 
    INFLUENCE PERSUADE AND WIN / 96 Powerful ways to Persuade
    LIFE ONE-0-ONE / Find your Purpose. 
    THE AMAZING SECRET IN YOUR HEART / Your connection to another Dimension

Vince received the Award of Excellence for outstanding Academic Contribution from Humber College / Toronto. He is and award-winning speaker, a certified trainer, has been presented with the Distinguished Toastmaster Award and received a Presidential Citation. He is a Past President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS), and a Past International Director of Toastmasters International

Book(s) By Vince DaCosta

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