Vicki Washuk

Victoria Aldridge Washuk

Great Granddaughter of Ruby Alice Thompson Side

Received a B.A. in Psychology from Fairfield University

Currently working in the financial services field

Married and Mother of three daughters living in Milford, Ct


I inherited a set of 43 diaries that span from 1909 – 1969. They were given to my grandmother Ruth Ferris Thompson and she passed them down to me. The years covering 1909-1938 were published in a book called “Ruby” in 1995 by my Aunt Bonnie Thompson Glaser (a granddaughter) of Ruby’s, daughter of Ruth and John Thompson. Bonnie was given legal right to publish any and all of these journals for a time span of five years  (ending on 12-31-1997) after which all rights to publish any remaining unpublished journals reverted to me.

I started re-reading the World War ll journals and found them extremely worthy of note on many levels.  I realized how little I knew about the events surrounding World War ll and what the Londoner’s in particular had to endure.  These journals are a combination of the historical and the exceptionally personal.

I thought that others may also find them intriguing and started a blog.  In doing so I received reactions from people from around the world and this inspired me to publish them in book form for all to enjoy.

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