Tracey Chantel Marshall


1. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I've beeen referred to as the Lady that knows Talent when she sees it. I've been involved in the entertainment industry wearing many hats for over 25 years as a Singer, Producer, Talent Agency Owner, Promoter, A&R, Publicist, Manager, Booking Agent, Author & Publisher. I've been given the title the "QUEEN of Indie Artist Promotions" for giving “unknown”, “unsigned” and “upcoming” artists multiple platforms, resources and tools to receive recognition and exposure that have enhanced their careers for over 20 years.  I was selected and featured along with other inspiring and talented Women as a "BEAUTIFUL WOMAN" in WOMEN'S LIFE LINK MAGAZINE

2. Describe your book How To Get Started As An Independent Recording Artist On Your Own in 30 words or less. 
I describe my book as a reference handbook for aspiring singers.

3. What was the hardest part of writing your book?
Getting started because I wrote it within 3 weeks on a challenge that was presented at a Seminar I attended for new and growing entrepreneurs.  I never really thought about writing a book before that.

4. What books have had the greatest influence on you?
A variety of Motivational books by Maya Angelou and Iyana Vanzant

5. Briefly share with us what you do to market your book?
In addition to having it on Buzz  , I designed a website to promote and I place the link on my other websites and talk about it on my online radio show.  I also take copies with me when I'm attending a networking event to give to specific individuals/

6. How do you spend your time when you are not writing?
When I'm not writing I'm producing various platforms for arising artists to receive more recognition and exposure.

7. What are you working on next?
I'm currently working on my New PR business.  I'm in the finishing stages of designing my website for it.  I also DESIGN WEBSITES.

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