Susan Smith

Who Am I?

Susan M. Smith

 I decided that at the early stage of my adult life I would be highly involved with healthcare, so from 1994 until 2009 I worked at various hospitals which gave me an opportunity to work in the emergency and trauma departments at a University medical center and also at the pediatrics department in Las Vegas. I witnessed numerous devastated lives of young children due to drug abuse. After setting eyes on all those hurtful scenes, I decided to join an organization called Kidz For A Better Society (KFABS) and took part on my social obligation to save the lives of these innocent children and help them realize that life is good and have a lot more to offer, through performing arts. I spent 10 rewarding years with this non-profit juvenile attention centers correction and hosted various event with a  show entitled “What’s Going on? The High School Musical.

The musical tackled sensitive subjects about homosexuality, gang violence, children’s rights, and social awareness, all of which plays an important role in correcting the misconception of the children involved to help improve our society. We travel to the surrounding states: California, Arizona, Utah, Seattle, and parts of South Arkansas and Texas, spreading the word and music to bring an end to violence. The organization’s mission is to make the juveniles understand that they have a choice to deviate from the destructive kind of life that their environment is producing, that there are far better things to explore in life outside that society, and that they have a great chance to succeed with minimal course of action.

And now that I have relocated to Iowa, I would like to use the same concepts from KFABS too and combine it with my Beyond the Darkness initiative. With this, some of my goals are to host events and pull together revenue to help fund for resources to help the abused children, hold book signings, and make awareness a priority for abused children and teens. With all the funds that will be earned from the individual sales of the book, 10% of the gross sales will go to a charity of our choice.

There will also be functions in which the abused children will be able to participate in and the community will together bring awareness and hopefully reach out to all those who are in need of assistance, this is also a really big component of my mission. I thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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