Su Williams

My name is Su Williams, author of the award winning, YA paranormal fiction Dream Weaver Trilogy and founder of Dream Weaver Novels & Promotion. Generally, I write in the YA genre but I believe strongly in the pay-it-forward theory and supporting indie authors, so I also publish anthologies with authors from around the world. I'm very hands on with all my work, doing my own edits, formatting, covers, and marketing/promotion. Though I'd never claim to be an expert in any of this, I do alright and am building a list of authors who trust me with their babies. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my husband Ben, son Josiah, and daughter Sarah. And have two grown children, Jack and Aundraic. Our home usually teems with a menagerie of critters that currently includes: Kooper (the Poophead) a spazzy beagle who has no concept of personal space; a demon-spawn-from-hell kitten, Cana; an obnoxious and snuffly tortoiseshell, Necco (yeah, it means cat in Japanese); and a crested gecko named Reid (after Spencer on Criminal Minds.)

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