Steven Atwood

My life had its ups and downs, like most people. Along the way, I met my beautiful wife who saved me. I was in the darkest part of my life at the time, practically lived in seclusion even though I had a roommate. I smoked, drank very heavily, believed everyone owed me something, and I had a dead end job. My life was spiraling into the abyss, until I met her. To make a long story short, she reached into a bucket of sludge, picked me up, hosed me off, and married me. She never asked me to change, but her example and my love for her made it my priority.

We have three wonderful children and we reside in the great state of Georgia. After a few years, I will be at home with kids writing, while my wife is starting her career. My loving wife supported me for years in the Army and soon it will be my turn to support her dreams.

Why do you write? I just really enjoy writing. I love the idea of telling stories and I want them to have some meaning. How often do we see movies or read books that makes your IQ drop when you’re done? I think a good story should make you think or encourage you to reflect, but this should never take away from a great story.

What do you write? The premise is that no matter long ago in the past or how far into the future, the human problems will always remain the same. Books and short stories should push the envelope bringing them in, placing them side by side with hero while fighting the villain.

Why do I write science fiction? First of all, I love this genre. I grew watching Battlestar Galactica and reading Doctor Who books. My thirst for more wondrous, seemingly impossible, stories only grew as the years went by.  My science fiction stories are high tech, dystopian, apocalyptic (no zombies), and space operas with a twist. I also add in plenty of adventure and plenty of surprises. In science fiction anything goes.

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