Scott A Roberts

Scotty Roberts has been in advertising, marketing and graphics as a creative for over 20 years. He currently freelances, working for himself from his home. In 1977, during his high school days at the age of 17, the author's first job was in a small printing/publishing company owned by a friend. He worked as an artist, litho camera and printing press operator. He has subsequently worked as an art director with several ad agencies: McCracken Brooks, M-Factor, Foot & Company, The Green Edge, Rudisill Advertising, The St. Paul Pioneer Press (Knight-Ridder). Scotty Roberts attended bible college and seminary in the early 1980s, and was in youth ministry for a few years while he started his advertising career. ABOUT ME, PERSONALLY: I'm an illustrator, designer, art director and writer, occupationally hovering in the advertising ghettos of Minneapolis & Saint Paul, Minnesota. I can be more or less defined by my role as a Dad; a single parent with sole custody of my three exuberant children, who live with me in my home. My life is a paradoxical roller coaster of hellacious joy and insightful befuddlement, and were it not for my buoyant, easy going nature, I would most assuredly have lost my sanity years ago. I value a good pipe, a stout pint, and consider myself a purist when it comes to single malt highland Scotch - which for me is not a tool of inebriation, but rather an enlightened repast to be shared with colleagues and like-minded pedagogues of philosophy and hob-nobbling banter. I am a contemplative, spiritual man of consideration who values intelligence, wit, justice and touch. I do not shy away from a good fight, and have had a few brawls in my day - whether on my behalf or in defense of another - and, were times different, would most probably be known wide and abroad as an expert swordsman. However, in keeping with my paradoxical nature, I prefer employing words over weapons, wit above profanity, spirituality above religion, stalwartness above inconstancy. And as I grow older, my burgeoning jaded cynicism is wholly tempered by my desire to not become an ass. My humor is wry, my mind is fertile, and my love is deep.

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